Monday, May 23, 2016

Project Z - First Game

Got with one of the local guys here David last Sunday to give the game a whirl at the game store here in Port Richey off 54. Overall, the game played well, once we got the hang of the order and saw how the cards and such all work with one another David and I had a good grasp of the game ending only with 3 turns but the store was closing and was very gracious to give us some extra time.

David took the Survivors and I took the Biker Gang and played the first scenario. While the board was not 100% it was shaping up nicely I think and I could see where I need to go to develop it further now.

The game opened up with both of us moving about, then by turn 2, I was in control of my board side keeping the zombie population down and throwing the card out to snag one of David's me to join my gang also threw a boomerang into his plan despite shifting the loot over his way some and picking up some bonus survivors by playing the "come with me if you want to live card".

In the end, we estimated it was a draw (David may have been one point up on me), if I had one more round or two I would have been on the other loot counters and with the zombies starting to build up on David's side and my gang closing things would have been grim.

I am looking forward to future games and enjoying trying out some new combos to see how things will work.

My gang taking on the zombies.

David's survivors struggles with zombie control.


  1. Nice looking urban table (though I note that the zombies are not painted :-( ).

    I can't quite work out how I feel about Project Z. On the one hand, new material (especially miniatures and scenery) is always welcome. On the other hand, there are already so many sets of zombie rules available, including some truly excellent ones. Project Z would have to be really special indeed for me to be more than casually interested.

  2. Looks good. After reading the playtest rules for Project Z and The Walking dead, it was TWD which convinced me to spend my money. Id be interested to read a review of Project Z at some point!

  3. Thanks for the preview. Once you have a few games under your belt I'd love to hear a comprehensive review where you share your opinions on the game.

    As Colgar6 said there are a lot of Z games out there so I'm trying to weigh the merits of each before I choose one; He also said something about unpainted minis :) so I'll echo that as well. Your urban set up looks pretty solid though.