Sunday, May 8, 2016

Project Z - A new game begins!

About two weeks ago I got my copy of Project Z and dove right in. I wanted to give myself some time to read the rules, think about the models and start scrambling to get scenery done!

The box.

Box contents.

Weapons updated.  Downloads of updates are on Warlord's site.

The dice.

Punch out tokens.

Bonus dogs - They work with any faction, the unit card included.

The dogs and card.

Special Operations Team 

Sprue, cards and rule book specific for this new faction.

Motorbike gang

Sprues and cards,


Sprues and cards. Nothing much changed for the female zombies but the male zombies were slightly updated and looks great!

Need more surviors?

Sprues and cards!

Male Survivors

Sprues with cards.

I plan to cover the game more, talk about the gangs I built up and look at the game as a whole and giving the game a whirl both solo and with friends.

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  1. Nice to see you getting into zombie wargames ☺