Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Raid into Santa’s workshop! Well, sorta…

Well, last night the wife let me do some orders with FRP games (yes, did two after I saw more stuff I wanted). They dropped a bonus 50% off sale off all items already discounted down. You just use the code END2012 and save big at the end when you place your order.
So, here is what I got since I got to be a little naughty….
For my German WW2 army I picked up a West Wind Tiger 1 and Wirbelwind each tipping just at $10 each! I also grabbed up about 32 miniatures for the French Army as well as it cost me maybe $20 at most for the Platoon Box (24 figures), Command (4) and French Hotchkiss HMG (4 figures) all by Crusader miniatures.
I grabbed up some bases (wished these babies was on sale) for a good price of $8 for 50 30mm Round Bases and 80 25mm Round Slotted Bases.
Also, I nabbed the last box of a stet of two British Universal Carriers (Warlord Games) and a Bren Gun Team Blister (2 teams) by Crusader Miniatures to round out his list. I knew he wanted to add them and if I waited they would have been gone.
Last I added a few new Heroes and Villains to the Miniature Roster at about $1-3 each who could say no? Here is the lineup:
Chronoscope: Shadow Talon, Super Hero
Chronoscope: Rhinocerix, Super Villain
Chronoscope - Super Villains: Dr Dread, Super Villain
Chronoscope - Super Villains: Dr. Voodoo, Super Villain
Superfigs: Kid Boomerang
Superfigs: Super 10 - Super Charger and Kid Dynamo
Superfigs: Blaster 4 - Mystick
Superfigs: Brawler 8 - Stalker

I also tossed in a Gibbering Mouther blister from Reaper to go with my Cthulu figures. I figure again for $2 things could not go wrong!


  1. I saw that sale and I'm bloody broke. Oh you don't know how badly I want to cry right now.

    Have a Happy Christmas and enjoy that lead!

    1. Hehehe, I do look forward to the new goodies! Resin and metal alike!

      Maybe someone will slip you some Christmas cash or something, I mugged my wife for some cash, she let some savings slip out for me to have a moment of joy for some toys.

  2. Thanks for the heads up, I picked up several reaper figs I have been looking at for a while.


    1. I would have bought more but budget said no! Heh, glad you found some goodies.

  3. You lucky boy. Now the feeling though Anne skint also. Have a great Christmas dude!