Sunday, December 16, 2012

Back in action!

Well, just like the post states. Good to be back. After some time off, it is time to get back to posting.  My mother is doing better and much hell for myself. She went through the tumor removal in her brain (about the size of a small grapefruit) and seems to be recovering well. I want to thank all those that kept good thoughts for my mother and best wishes to her (and me). The road to recovery is going to be slow, there are motor skills and memory issues that will have to be overcome and she is still in the hospital with no doubt a transition into a rehabilitation facility where they will work on trying to help her be able to finally go home. She isn’t going to like it and to be frank, who the hell likes to be in a hospital? It’s cold, annoying and you are not around the things you love and are not comfortable, oh and the food sucks. If they made the stay great at a hospital nobody would want to leave!
I think most of this situation is hitting me more and more now that I am back home and having time to recover and think about it instead of living in it. To be honest I have no Christmas spirit hardly and just thankful that my mother is alive. I find it depressing tomorrow is her 70th birthday and suck in a hospital with Xmas and New Years more than likely at the hospital or rehab. I call it a mixed blessing if anything.
Still, one has to put a foot forward and continue onwards! There is little choice for someone like me.
Stay tuned as I work to crank out new materials:
1) Bolt Action review finale.
2) German Nations Book for Bolt Action Review
3) Introduction to a few new faces on my painting table for my Germans.
4) I hope soon some WIP shots of my Super Hero/Villain figures. I have been working hard to prep them for the painting table.
5) Start up my Old West for the New Year contest where I will be giving away some goodies to just say thanks and to kick off the fun of the New Year!

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