Sunday, December 16, 2012

unser Führer geschickt mehr Männern (Our Leader has sent more men!)

Since I have been back home after visiting my mother in the hospital a few new reinforcements have arrived for my German Fallschirmjäger  and Wehrmacht armies to bolster my ranks.
My first package was a quick local trade I did here with another German player in Florida. He swapped me an FJ with an MP40 and a SS LMG team for a FJ radio operator and a pair of snipers I have leftover in my box. I figure it was a good idea to trade off my excess and get more of what I needed.
Second up was my box from Black Tree Design. Every so often they do a sweet sale of 50% off and how can you say no to those prices? The quality is decent and for the price you can’t really complain. This was my third order with them and I loaded up some Xmas goodies for one of my friends and a few odd items for myself including:
·        Wehrmacht Medic and a team with a stretcher
·        MG42 Fixed Team of Wehrmacht
·        2 LMG Teams with gunner/loaders Wehrmacht
·        Character pack with a sniper, a guy with a grenade set on his rifle and two other troops to round out the collection. Wehrmacht
·        Wehrmacht Flamethrowers (2)
If you never have checked out their website you should. Watch for a sale and loot away! When you sign up, you get a onetime 10% off bonus discount code also. So yes, your first order like mine could be 60% off! I will cast one word of warning is that their vehicles are solid metal, so they are heavy and a pain in the ass to put together. They do have a variety of vehicles that often nobody else makes, so if you are looking for something hard to find. They may have it.
Next up was a test order with Offensive Miniatures. Their range is small and just covers some Fallschirmjäger, Italians and US Paratroopers but wow they have quality written all over and the price is fair. So, I snapped up a blister pack of their Fallschirmjäger STU44 unit…just 4 models but one just called to me and I really wanted this guy for my officer. Check him out; I took this from Offensive Miniatures Website

Officer with STU44 reading a map. I thought he would be rather cool and imposing to lead my FJ army!

Here is another figure from the pack I love having a smoke.

Shot of the figure in the raw.

The package arrived quickly from England, the package the figures was in was excellent and the quality of the figures is amazing. I know I will be doing another order with them for a few extra must haves in my list! I can give my approval at this as a excellent company to deal with!

Last is my Warlord Games order, I picked up a few choice items from them to round out my FJ as well:
·        2 FJ Officers with MP40s (this was before I found the one above)
·        4 FG42 gunners to round out my assault rifle selection
·        A Puma Scout Car
·        Armies of Germany book
·        FJ Medic
·        Flamethrower/Sniper Pack
·        FJ with MG42 support LMG
This was just another attempt to round out the collection along with getting the new book to be able to build a proper German list! Warlord for the most part met my expectations for my order. They have to notch customer service that helped refund my shipping botch (got charged for shipping and it should have been free). Not sure if it was thier comptuer or human error, in either case they took care of me in quick order. My only complaint was that my Pumpa arrived in bubble wrap and not in a box. I expected a company like Warlord to at least put my vehicle in a box. Sure the loose figures I expected to get perhaps in a bag or blister pack together (and I did). I can say that they are worthwhile to order from as well if there is something you need. What is nice about their stocklist is simply the broad selection.
I have managed to base some of my figures and need to order another set of bases to finish off the lot. I suspect I will be grabbing a few more choice items over the next few weeks including some artillery and vehicles as well as perhaps a few other odd and end troopers to bulk up my lists.


  1. Nice looking miniatures. Great addition to the force.

    1. Yes, the officer with the map and assault rifle was just too dang cool...