Thursday, December 27, 2012

French List for Bolt Action *updated*

Well, after making the online purchase of the French, I figured it would be a good idea to develop a 1000pt list that I could have designed and ready to play. So, here is a draft of what I think I will end up with. Maybe in time I will expand it once the official French list is released.

1st Lt. Vet with pistol                            90

Medic Vet w pistol                               30

FO Artillery Reg                                  100

Reg Infantry (12) LMG                        101

Reg Infantry (12) LMG                        101

Reg Tirailleurs (12) LMG, 2 SMGs      143

MMG Team (Reg)                               50

Med. Mortar Team (Inxp)                    35
Spotter                                                10 

Field Artillery (Reg)                              50

R40 Tank (Reg)                                   165

AMC P16 Half Track (Reg)                 125

*made a few tweaks to the list*

So this leaves me with a short shopping list to finish the French off:
Goumier Riflemen I & 2 (Artizan) (as Tirailleurs)
Goumier SMG and LMG (Artizan)
Med Mortar Team (Crusader)
Field Artillery (Warlord)
R40 Tank (Diewaffenkammer)
AMC P16 (Warlord)


  1. To me this is a huge purchase! Get cracking on what you've got so we can see how you're coming along. Happy painting!

    1. My goal is to have a French Army for around a $100 tops.