Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A super day for painting and primer work!

Well, we have a rare nice day here in Florida and I took advantage of it.

I primered up:
2 Super Hero Figs
15 German Army Heer
15 FJ Germans
5 Pirates
9 Old West Tong

Many of these are either old unfinished projects or new stuff that I was waiting for bases. They rolled in this weekend and I was ready to primer once the cold and wetness got out of the air.

In other news I just about have 4 supers painted up and ready to base soon. Sadly I have to wait for pictures as the camera just died and we need to buy a replacement camera soon. Maybe soon.

Anyway, my goal this month is to finish the FJ off if possible and also start to get some of my supers painted along with some Chaos for 40k. Good to have goals!

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