Friday, January 4, 2013

Teaser shots of Unfinished Supers!

Here are a few supers I am just about finished with. Just need to touch them up and finish off the base work. Then label them (I plan to buy a small label gun to print their code names nicely on the base).

Crossover Miniatures: Ram Jam (Onslaught)

Reaper Minis: Zenith (Swiftwind)

Crossover Miniatures: Whiskers (with Fury head swap) (Larceny)

Superfigs: Tarantula (Twilight)

Reaper Minis: Sandwoman (Terra)

Black Cat Bases: Water Elemental (Undertow)


  1. Nice figures, Get them all finished

    1. Working on it, just trying to figure out the basing, I think I will go with the city grey feel and trim...