Friday, January 4, 2013

Unboxing West Wind: Tiger I and Wirbelwind kits!

Well, my FRP order has arrived and my two new vehicles are in and ready to join the ranks! At about $10-11 each when I caught them on sale this was a steal and I can live with the slightly smaller scale (1/48 if I am right about West Wind's scale).

Overall, the packaing was well done. Very display friendly for a shop but the Tiger kit was obscured by the bubble wrap which was around all the resin to prevent damage. When I opened the blisters there was a great deal of wasted space and I was a bit disappointed that the insert was just an ad for their other WW2 products, no instructions.

Tiger I  kit.

The Tiger I kit was well packaged and has only a few simple in assembly it seems with a few detail bits to add character. I have to admit my only disappointment to this was that the turret had some blue foam stuck to it. The tank body and turret both have a sticky film over it like the resin did not cure 100% or was not mixed right. I hope this clears up once I wash the resin after I get the rest of the foam off with a knife or file.

Wirbelwind Kit
The Wirbelwind was a plethora of parts as you can see above. What I did notice is the turret will go together easy enough but I still have a few issues with where some of the parts go. The quad guns are very thin and I had to bend them back into place (at least start) as they are very thin.  I may email West Wind to see if they have a PDF "how to" assemble this beast. This kit is full of detail, now I just have to figure out where it all goes!

The resin casting is pretty good for both, short of the gunk on the Tiger I there is some flash and excess resin that will have to be trimmed down but not too bad. The metal casts are fairly clean and appear to need only minimal cleaning to get ready.


  1. Brilliant, Look forward to seeing you build these up.

    1. Heh, I have a Panzer IV G, Panzer III M, Pumpa, Wirbelwind and Tiger I to get done!