Monday, January 14, 2013

Old West for the New Year: Gamers Gold Giveaway and Contest!

Well, it is a new year and a fresh start! So, time for the Old West for the New Year: Gamers Gold Giveaway and Contest! I had hoped to do this a few months back around the blog birthday in October as well as hitting a landmark posting! 
Alas, things do not go as planned between the holidays and my mother went back into the hospital late November to have a tumor removed from the brain about the size of a small grapefruit. It has been a rough couple of weeks and a suck ass holiday season for me. I hate myself for being behind on projects including this giveaway that many kind people donated to. Still, the new year gave me a cool contest name excuse in any case!
I do want to give a huge thanks to:
Tri-City Laser Buildings (Check out Knuckleduster as their official retailer)
Knuckleduster (A maker of reasonable priced old west figs of great quality)
Rebel Miniatures (they make a little of everything!)
Check out their links that are on my blog as thanks!
I know, shut the hell up and tell you guys how to win some loot! So here are the rules!

  1. Be a follower to the blog and post up here you would like to enter the contest for the drawing. I will be giving away 3 $16 vouchers for Knuckleduster (that is enough for a free blister and shipping to most places or a nice discount on a larger item like a Tri-City Laser building) and a blister of Cowboys from Rebel Miniatures. That is 4 chances to win something! I will draw winners on February 1st!
  2. To win this nugget of a price: a Tri-City hotel you simply have to post up (with your entry to the drawing) a link to an Old West Article that you want to feature. The winner will be selected on February 1st!
  •  This can be from your blog or any other site. 
  • This can include rules/miniature/terrain reviews, how to paint, how to build or a game report of an Old West Game but not limited to (these are examples).
  • The key is it has to be something Old West to be a legal entry. Anything goes and Aces are wild! So dig up that gold for gamers!
The goal here is to promote anything cool for the Old West that others may not have seen before and expose people to new blogs that feature Old West material. Simply, I want to build up the Old West gaming community! I will collect the links and post them on a secondary page as some cool featured links for Old West gaming. Enjoy and good luck!


  1. Ooh sweet, let me be the first to enter for both. Consider this an entry for the Knuckleduster part of the drawing! the way, family matters are not excuses so there's no reason to apologize for anything. Just keep your head up and hope for the best!

  2. Here's an entry for the Tri-City Hotel part:

    Some figures and stats for use in Blackwater Gulch (

  3. I've been waiting for you to do this since last year!

    Count me in for sure on the Knucklbuster give away.

    The guy that taught me to paint via email is brilliant. His name is Kris and right now he's building an Old West town with laser cut buildings. He does complete reviews and does tutorials on each one. Here's a link to just one of his ongoing series.

    Do I need to put any of this in a post and link it back to you?

    1. Only if you want to....Just wanting to have fun with the old West theme!

    2. I'll be gone until the weekend, but I can put something up on Monday when I post. More people need to come over and enter the contest.

  4. My (current) favorite line of old west minis:

    1. Oh yeah, please consider me for entry into the contests.

  5. A great way to share useful links.

    Consider me in.

    Here's my offering:

    A great post for those of us looking for inspiration (and a few clues) as to how to scratch-build an Old West town.

  6. I'll enter both.

    Just finished painting these guys
    if you want a how to article

  7. Here you go. Cheers, Brian.

  8. I'd love to enter both comps please, here's a link to the Earp Gang that I painted up last year,

  9. I'd like to enter both as well, here's some painted versions of the figures from Black Flag...

  10. OK, I'm in. Here's my most recent battle report:


  11. I'd also like to enter both draws! Here's my last battle report using the Rules With No Name -

    I was also going to reference Colgar6's blog, but he beat me to it!