Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bolt Action Sunday Aftermath

Well, we had our second gathering of Bolt Action for the area with some growth to the players including a new US and Japanese player. Sadly the Japanese player's order did not make it so he has to wait until next month before he can scream BANZI! Still, we had two German players including myself and a Soviet and another American player in the mix. We had a few no shows but that happens. What is the most important thing is we are growing slowly and steady each month...

On with the games!

Well, we built one table quickly with some rock/tree scenery and another table with some 4ground buildings that Mike brought along, we also found some roads, a river, some Hirst Arts bridges and building to go alongside the graveyard that Mike had with him also, it was a class A sharp table to want to play on!

First parings were Soviets vs. Germans and US vs. Germans. I won the dice off and was up against the American player on the city table. We both had 750 point armies...

Tank (had a Howitzer on it)
2nd Lt with assistant
Air spotter and two assistants
Sniper Team
2 squads with BARs and rifles with a Tommy gun on the NCO.
Bazooka Team!

I had (from memory)
2 Squads of 6 with Assault Rifles
Engineer squad with flame thrower, 3 SMGs and 1 rifle
Air Spotter
2nd Lt with Assistant with Assault Rifles
Heavy Artillery

We rolled and got "Hold until Relieved" well I put the Artillery on the bridge in the center with a squad; everything was to be in on first turn. He deploys the HQ and squad in the graveyard, another squad by the Tank opposite by the other bridge, the tower held his sniper and spotter....

Well, the dice was against me from the start and he was rolling like a god, I told him to go buy a lottery ticket and I get 10% of the earnings with his luck! Hey worth a shot! Some of the worst stuff was rolling a 1 on the Air Strike I called in on his tank and he place it on my Puma, in theory when the plan token was set I should have been able to run the Puma behind the building to avoid LOS of the plane and avoided death, still because we could not get proof this was a correct the air strike killed my tank, the first air strike for him wiped my artillery and the second just punished me....there was little left by the end of the game but my Engineer squad and officers....in the end the officer managed to contest the bridge by hiding on the far side and avoiding being shot by most guns.

Americans push for the bridge.

The brave officer and his assistant holding the bridge at all costs! 

The second game we paired up the American and Soviets against the FJ and Heer German Armies....we rolled the kill point game and we setup running full tilt into this game. It was cat and mouse all the way to the end where we rolled to play another turn 7 where the squeaked out two other bonus points to win the game with last minute kills.

There was a lesson learned here after asking on the Warlord boards that you CAN split your gun crews up and send only one, two, etc...over to the gun instead of the entire team. We had a long debate about this that we ceded to the Allied players that was dead wrong per Rick Priestly. Oh well....

The humor of the game was lobbing the 150mm shell indirect at a building; I had hoped to kill the sniper inside. Instead it missed his floor and hit the bottom floor killing the US HQ! HAHAHHAH one more hit (rolled an 11) and would have had both!

First turn.

First turn again...

Soviets and Americans sneak in....

Das Americans called in a German plane by mistake! *DAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA*

Take cover, give them nothing!

Both games was a blast, yet fustrating due to some bad dice and some rules issues that are much clearer now! Looking forward to next month!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, not a true AAR but just a nice overview of what happened...the table turned out well from pulling this and that together!

  2. It's tough to kill those snipers! Too bad you didn't roll that 11.

    1. A 12 is what you need to collapse a building. Oh, I have a friendly thing for snipers soon, flamethrowers! Getting a 251/16 dual flamethrower vehicle soon...