Friday, March 29, 2013

The Gamer with a plan....

Oh, the plans of mice and men, well of a gamer at least! Choices, choices, choices!

Well, I am setting some target and goals on various projects and spending to curb my hobby spending and also acquire what I really want as well as sell off unused and unwanted stuff.

First up is the Warlord Games Bolt Action order which has been tough. I want so much and then again I have had to step back this week and think about what I have yet to finish and what I really need and will use instead of what is just cool and I would love to have. Yea, it is that woman in the shoe shop syndrome! So, here is the shopping list as of now:

SDKFZ 7 Half-track (need this to tow my artillery and anti-tank guns and transport men)
Heavy Mortar (it looks cool and is nasty if it hits, plus it drops smoke in the game)
251/16 Flammwagen (two flamethrowers, who cares if it is open topped and light armor!)
German Howling Cow Rocket Launcher
French Squad (need one more to have 3)
Medium Mortar (love mortars)
French 75mm Gun (just looks cool and I love howitzers)
Char B1 Tank (a cool tank, anti-tank and howitzer in one package)
Dead Farm Animals (always wanted this/fun for various games)

Next I am watching the Robotech Kickstarter that is going to crank up in April as they claim. I don’t plan to go crazy but I do want the rules and mecha to be able to play the game. I just hope it is a reasonable Kickstarter instead of these that are just insane in pricing where you are paying hundreds of bucks to get everything.

Another Kickstarter that is in the wings is Crossover Miniatures, they are waiting for some figures from the first run to return before they start their campaign as they want to be able to start the campaign and turn around quickly to drop the product to their supporters.

Bases….always need more. I figure I will be ordering another two bags of 80 soon from FRP games for $8 a pop, pretty much the best deal I can get on mass bases in bulk. I just had Brian at Darkside order two packs of the Titan bases for my Bolt Action use, really GW $9 shipping for two small packs of bases? WTF!

Speaking of GW, I am in a small way doing a quiet protest of their policy so I have slowed down buying items, sure I still will play the game and add stuff like the Tau Codex but I am not going to go nuts on purchases. I have still some pending Dark Angels stuff to buy but only once I am caught up further on my Dark Angels before I buy more. I do want the Tau codex to read and absorb before I purchase. With the high prices, GW has forced me to become more frugal in my old age.

Let’s talk more Bolt Action…there are a few odd items I have been keeping an eye on:
Crusader Miniatures: One of each blister of the SS Calvary, perhaps the French LMG blister and the German Paratrooper Anti-tank rifle and Mortar pack.

Offensive Miniatures: They have a Nerbelwerfer that is for the FJ army I have.

Company B Miniatures: A Stug 33B is in my future. Tank with a heavy howitzer!

Great Escape Games: Nazi Youth (plan to get a pack or two as they are the only company to make them now!)

Hitler Youth Anti-tank Team

Speaking of Great Escape they are making a new Old West game called Dead Man’s Hand complete with a deck of cards with the book. I’ve been in the mood to get a good mainstream old west game but so far Legends of the Old West is dead and Blackwater Gulch seems to be quiet. Time to look elsewhere!

Dead Man's Hand Rule book (includes DMH card deck)

Well, it is hard to play games without scenery so let’s talk that:

Knuckleduster has started to sell various Tri-City Laser buildings including a Saloon, General Store, Jail, Bank and a double outhouse (hey they have to have someplace to go!)

Another scenery block will be with Sarissa starting with a WW2 shop, then their new Corner Hotel, Water Tower, Livery Stable and School/Church kits. I want to have a nice town quickly for gaming!

4Ground has a few nice ruined buildings and a detached house package I will get to round out my WW2 scenery and they make a cool wagon I will get for my Old West Town project. What is nice about this is it is prepainted and ready to use once you assemble it!

What else? Batman! The new Knight Models Batman game has been very appealing. The models are nice looking (a bit pricey like GW), but the quality is there except some people don’t like the metal softness of the product. The rules are free and I figure what the hell, get Batman and the Penguin with crew to test the game out. If it pans out, I will grab Deathstroke, Green Arrow, Catwoman and Mr. Freeze to name a few from the line.

Last a member on Lead Adventure Forums sells these great looking suitcases/boxes set, wow this is great from anything from Old West, to WW2 or even Strange Aeons. I plan to get at least one set.

Track48 also makes a nice Panzerwerfer 42 but at a hefty price of $50 for a custom job of a vehicle nobody makes, nice but not sure if it is worth it. Let’s get the other stuff first and go from there. They do make some cool accessories like a pack with provisions and wine, another with medical supplies and more…figure a few of these are great for scenery and objectives.

Food Supplies #2 accessories set (24 resin parts plus bottles)


  1. Wow, that's a lot of stuff. Mind you, I expect that my shopping list would be equally long as well, if I dared to make one!

    1. Well, this is step one, make a list, figure out what I really want. Save money to buy what I want and sell stuff to make money to make up the difference. I plan to hit Ebay soon with some gaming stuff and Star Wars figs I have...

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  3. That's nice list you have there. I've seen the Batman stuff and would love to have it, but the price is what is stopping me. I got my massive order in from Knuckleduster and will be doing a post on them next Wednesday I hope. Love their figures and the owner is ever so nice.

    1. Thanks, yea the Batman stuff is low on the list, I just want to get him or Green Arrow, play a few games and see if I like it....Forrest at Knuckleduster is a great company and he runs a good shop.