Saturday, March 2, 2013

Weekend shopping.....this and that.

Black Tree Designs is having a 50% off sale of WW2 infantry and some other historical figs...check it out!

I ordered from Black Tree Design some extra German stuff including:
Wehrmacht Character Set III
Wehrmacht with MP44 Rifles I
Wehrmacht with MP44 Rifles II
Wehrmacht Engineers
Fallschirmjager Characters

The Engineers are for me to be able to add some extra umph to the look of the Pioneer squad. The Character packs both have one figure that will join my FJ PAK40 team and my Wehrmacht 150mm Artillery crew as I need one more to make the model accurate for crew stats for the Bolt Action Rules. The rest will get used no doubt to be NCOs and other odd and end figures to fill in gaps. The MP44 rifles are for Grenadier (late war) squads. 

I also stopped by a comic and gaming store that I rarely make it near and picked up a loose batch of Heroclix figs...there wasn't much that was impressive but I got what I felt I could use and looked the best. Plus, I tossed in a nice 10 sided dice for Bolt Action as it makes a handy pin marker.

I got Starfire, both as a flyer and the cool hair she could make a great flyer that is on fire. The Solomon Grundy fits both Strange Aeons and as a bad guy strong arm for one of my other villain teams. A little rework and he will be good to go! The last is Anaconda, the model is perhaps the roughest of the three but she could be turned into a good female villain bruiser.

I also have that stuff to ship out for the contest winners still (life has had other things on my plate of late, such as taking the dog to the vet this morning) and if I recall only one code has been given out. The other two are unclaimed. So, I am going to work another just straight up drawing....not sure if it will be a "quick draw" (the first two posters get them) or just do a random lottery again. I will think about it tonight.

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