Sunday, March 10, 2013

Review of Fantascape Historical Flat Bases (Part 1)

Well after a long weekend of gaming for the past three days I arrived back home to have waiting for me two lovely packages including a package from Fantascape.

I opened it with haste (after spending some time first with  my wife and basset hound) and found only one of two packages of bases within. Each package contains two bases of 90mm historical flat design.

After sending an email to the chap that runs the company to resolve the issue (thus the Part 1 of this review as I will follow up on their customer service) I examined what I did receive.

Quality: Good quality smooth grey resin, thin but very strong resin. I had concerns with this as sometimes companies use inferior resin methods as a cost saving means. The brand used by Fantascape is by far excellent, sure you could snap it if you put excessive pressure on it but let's be fair that is the nature of all our lovely miniatures in our hobby! I give the guys 5 STARS ***** for quality.

Shipping price was dead on. Sometimes you get a slightly higher price for "shipping & handling" that in one breath isn't unreasonable but sucks when you find your shipping price spiraling higher as you add items. The speed of the arrival from the UK to the US was also excellent and within reasonable wait with a dispatch email on Feb. 27th and arrived somewhere between the 8th or 9th this weekend (thus nobody checked the mail until I came home Sunday).  A two week window, bravo! I would give again 5 STARS here ***** for shipping.

Accuracy of my invoice....well you know the story here and now we move on to Customer Service to test a company here. To me this is the "make or break" part for me of giving me a lasting impression and inspires me to pass along word of mouth and promote something further. I am all about small business and helping the little guy (or gal) succeed and given every opportunity do so. Look for a follow up on this one!

Well, I know your are thinking "fine show us the damm bases with stuff on them!"....well,  here you go!

This is my 150mm artillery gun with crew from Die Waffenkammer and an extra crewman I got from a character pack from Black Tree Design. I didn't add the ammo crates to this as this is just a rough display only.

This is my FJ PAK40 gun. Again, I had to order some extra models to add an extra guy to the crew to be the official unit size for Bolt Action. I admit, I had a bit of concern with this one as the limber is long, but as you see it fit like a charm. Plus the base is a good profile that if you plan your scenery right this could be dropped into scenery with no issues to placement.

This is one of my storage boxes. This one is from Ikea and was like $3 each. I removed one divider and the base fits in line a champ! Add some foam and these two guns will be ready for deployment!


  1. Good review sir. I seriously need decent storage boxes for my ever growing collection. Good price on the one from Ikea.

    1. My wife and I have a running joke how many I will buy each time we go. I am lusting after their display cases that are $60 that are all glass....I would love to get 4-5 of them! I told my wife I would throw out about 95% of all the junk in my hobby room if I had them to organize stuff.