Sunday, June 16, 2013

Scenery Review: Quonset Huts Airfield Accessory Pack for Dust Tactics

I saw this a few months back and when I had a little credit on Ebay I found these at a good price and picked up a set for my Bolt Action Scenery. I had always fancied doing an "airfield" table and this would be a great addition!

The box in case you want to buy some for your table!

Simple parts: 6 hulls, 6 front and back. No spures to cut. There was a slight bit of cut edge on them where they was clipped from the sprue but it was very minor. A quick trim and done!

Assembly is easy as sliding the parts into the main body. I used glue to make mine more solid and durable. This is the front.

A rear image.

Helga posing outside the front for the boys!

Helga inside the hut. The amazing bonus was that the door opens and is built into the model. No work or assembly required!

The huts put together.

An example that they can be lined up into a larger hut to suit your purposes.

Overall I give this 5/5 stars as it assembles easy, looks great and the price if you shop around makes it very reasonable. A worthy addition to any gaming table!


  1. I found out about these after building some paper Quonset huts. Unless you are truly strapped for cash, I think I'd recommend these over pretty much any alternative! They're *good* (and I still cannot figure out how the hinged door has been fitted...).

    1. I would agree, I got mine for $10, I had about $5 ebay credit with shipping. As I said, shop around and you can find them.

      The door is the mind blowing part of the scenery. It is fitted well, well hinged and not a half ass job. It is top quality. The other stuff from Fantasy Flight never wowed me but this I had an impression was the best of the best and it is.

  2. Replies
    1. Yep, not perfect, but good enough for table top.