Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Two Great Board Games on Kickstarter! Grab them while you can! Crossover Miniatures KS ends soon!

There are two great board games that are ticking down their last final days....

Guardian Chronicles:

This will be the game I will more than likely back, sadly I can't back both but the figures look cool, the concept appears similar to Zombiecide and there is already talk of a second expansion with new tiles and figures that combine together to make a large set.

The appeal to me here is the simple fact this is Super Heroes vs Villains in a modular format with multiple options for choices of figures giving you a variety of games to play and replay again as a bad guy, good guy and a totally different super team. The design is 2-5 players which is nice as often most games requires 3+. The Kickstarter is also loaded with freebies and bonus stuff which is appealing.

The best deal is the $160 option that gives you access to all the upgrades and the most value for your money.

The second game I would like to draw to your attention is:

Made by Sander Peterson that has made several board games prior and has a following. The KS is almost tipping a half a million dollars and has some amazing figures.

So far my only complaint is this is a huge money pit. To get the "sweet spot" you have to spend over $200, the basic $150 just gets you the game and no real other frills. Plus most of the unlocks are expansions that costs more money so they are just drilling you over and over for more cash until you credit card is maxed. Thank God I don't have one!

Still despite the money grub, the game concept looks fun and the models are simply amazing to a Lovecraft fan like myself.

As a final reminder we are in the last few days of Crossover Miniatures Kickstarter with their new Super Heros/Villains and Henchmen rollout for their second wave!


This Kickstarter is straight up and inexpensive! The multi head system is simply amazing and I enjoyed the quality of this company's products! Rusti has kept this a simple and easy campaign with little to no fuss or worries....pledge and sit back and relax! 

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