Sunday, June 23, 2013

Random Updates on Projects

Well, this past busy has been busy with work and my birthday, then finding out Friday that they are doing cuts at work and (lucky me) I was one! So, I have 90 days now to scramble to find something or I will be offered some crappy job in the agency. Of course I had the offer for two job promotions but the pay would not be much more and I would have to relocate which isn't possible with my wife employment, our house and her parents getting older and needing someone around to lend a hand if possible. So joy! I am applying for two jobs tomorrow and I hope one perhaps pans out quickly and the stress will be gone and I can get back to painting. Right now I am unfocused as hell as I just am stunned by this course of crap again after I went through this just 2 years ago! ARGGG!!!!

Anyway here are a few things I have been dabbling with....

I sprayed the huts green with Army Painter Green

My birthday gift! a BF-109 German Fighter 1:48, almost perfect scale that I wanted to use for my landing field project. What is cool is most of it was prepainted and fairly easy to assemble. What was most interesting about this plane is it does not have the German national symbol on it at all. The British, American and Soviet planes all have the symbol but not any of the Germans (I checked online and on the box) strange. I could understand a swastika but the standard German national symbol? Really guys?

Helga by the plane, the cockpit is not attached yet as I have to paint the pilot and I am debating gluing the legs in place. Leaving them unglued allows me to fold them in for storage and does not risk breaking. If they are glued the plane is more stable and less likely to drop down if the gear moves out of place.

Some Medics I just finished. Just need to add some static grass to the base.

Another shot...

A prize sent to me from a contest. A quick rebase and touched up the helmet and it matched up nicely to the rest of my army!


  1. Sorry that you lost your job mate :(
    Great looking BF-109 :)

    1. Yea, I am working on applying for two prospects today. With luck one will pan out to something good.

      Thanks! I am really liking the BF-109, just need to fill some of the cracks for the join and touch up the paint job. Loving how it is turning out!

  2. Being unemployed really sucks - I feel for you.
    My first thought on seeing the black chevron markings on the BF-109 was that they belong to some obscure ally, rather than to Germany itself. But I can't find any evidence for that being the case; I think they must just be invented to avoid using crosses.

    1. Well, I have 90 days to find something. They will "offer" me something but it may not be ideal or great. Could even be at less pay.

      I think it was made up markings they mashed together from historical images. There has been some stories about hobby stores getting flack about "offensive" items like German symbols on products that are historical.