Monday, June 3, 2013

Shell Holes Part 2

I took some caulk and edged off where the clay and the CD was glued together. I also used a casting kit to make a few extra cows and horses. They was glued to the base along with sand. A quick black primer, a brown base coat, a dry brush around the brown. Prior to this, I took a grey primer and sprayed the hole lightly to quickly finish it off. I then lightly drybrushed a grey around it. After I painted the animals anad added flock I was done! Cheap and easy with a decent result.

12 Shell Holes

Horse 1

Horse 2

Regular shell hole (no animal)

Dead cows...

More dead cows...


  1. Well now that's quite the assembly line of product!

    1. Not bad all in all...I will go back and touch them up later.