Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Army Group North and Die Waffenkammer Reviews

Well, since the weekend while working on the Finnish soldiers from the Winter Wars Kickstarter I managed to get the LSW together and today Army Group North got my my order that I placed not long ago.

What was in the box. Two packaged kits.

French Panhard P178 Armored Car
Kit was the base with wheels, body, turret, two barrels.

T-2 Dual MMG Tank
Body, 2 turrets, 2 gun barrels.

AGN is pretty simple in design, quick to clean up (if any), assemble and start right to painting.
Much of their kits comes with a base to the vehicle. I have heard debates that some people like this as it makes the model tough or sturdy and adds character as you can muddy it up and add grass to it.  Others want a "clean" look to their vehicles with no basing.

French Medic next to the Panhard for scale.

Finnish Sniper next to the T-26

T-26 assembled. Small bits of flash, nothing serious. Had one part between the hull and tracks that had a hole in the armor but was easy to cover with some liquid putty. I did drill out the hole for the one MMG and had to file down the back of the plate for the other gun.

Finished product

P16 Half Track beside it for scale, to see how Warlord stuff meshes.

P16 and Panhard together to patrol soon!

Another shot, wanted to show the base some...

The LSW done!

check out the detail, I do have to add some stowage but that is for another night!

The inside....I struggle on if I want to glue the cabin down or leave it loose so show off the inside.

Hatch section...

 Panhard next to the LSW

P16 next to the LSW

Winter Wars Finn for scale

Overall I love both companies. AGN provides a simple, easy to assemble and high quality models that I enjoy. These two makes my total to 3 kits so far, I think the best thing I like is how solid the resin is and the detail it has.

Die Wafffenkammer has a great deal going for them, I own their 150mm German Gun, the LSW now and a Panzer IV G....all great kits. They do require various amounts of love when you work with them. Some parts on the 150 and LSW was fiddly, hard to work with, required some filler or other additional modeling talent. So, be ready to spend a bit more time. It is worth it. My only complaint about the company is how Jeff handled his Indiegogo that was done over 6 months back. My friend and I sat around waiting and waiting...I sent a few messages on Lead Adventure and got a response each time that it would be in the mail soon. About 3 attempts and well, I had to get nasty. Maybe a bit too much, but still nothing posted on the Indiegogog, website or direct emails to the backers on the status or what is going on. That's just bad business to me. You take care of your investors and customers, good intentions while a positive merit means little when you get little to no communication.

I am sure Jeff will get my business again, but not lightly and my friend said he would only buy from him as a last resort as he was not impressed with how he was treated as a backer. 

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