Saturday, February 1, 2014

Winter Wars Kickstarter Wave 1 Arrives! Bring forth the Finnish!

Had a nice surprise in my mail box on Friday with a small white package with my Finnish Winter Wars first wave including my platoon and two extra rifle squads for some selections I traded in....

Overall the quality is good, the metal is a very light type almost like tin and the weapons are very soft. So be warned, I broke a barrel off an MMG trying to bend it back. The quality is both hit and miss with figures and pose selections. Looking forward to painting them!

The box

The goodness..

Each bag was a squad...

The commander

Waving hi to mom...



Another rifleman

I hope to have everything based and ready to primer soon. I plan to use my airbrush grey primer. I did manage to figure out how to do some cool conversions for some panzerfaust troopers.....

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