Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Next up on the Supers Workload!

Well, Monday some new figures showed that I ordered..on with the show!

Well, who could turn down a henchmen group of 5 Hammer Drones?

I love the transparent colored minis....here you can see a few

Power armor choices. I loved Rocket Red with a blast and sensor map.

One of the best Kung Fu types the other guy is great for one of my other teams the Misfits.

A female speedster, cheap and needed.

A few more, of course who could say no to a Union Jack shirt for united Alliance. The Starman was nice.

A cool psychic, a last of 5 Mandroid and Killer Frost for another ice girl.

The work pile...two rows n the right are painted. Everything else is WIP

More stuff..


I have to buy some of the larger two bases for some of the figs but otherwise everything else is on track!
The goal is t be ready for Supersystem 4 when it rolls out and the the city table that I also got in a Kickstarter.


  1. Nice looking batch of figs. Those coloured transparents are excellent.

  2. Nice to see the Clix alongside the Crossover minis! I shall hunt down a Joker ad Harley to lead my clown masked thugs! ;)

    1. Yea, the heads swap pretty well between as well. I have set several Crossover heads on Heroclix figs for a new look.