Friday, April 18, 2014

Bolt Action: New Order Dice vs the Old Order Dice

Well, last week I got my dice and had a chance to finally talk about them. Below is a comparison of the two.

As you can see the older dice has more of a pronounced design and larger text/line while the newer dice are a bit less so but the cut appears to be slightly deeper also. 

Second the edges are pretty clear what is new and old and the dice color between the two is very blatant as the newer one is more of a lighter blue compared to the darker blue of the earlier dice.

Size wise the newer dice are a bit smaller but that is mainly due to the rounded edges. The  texture on the newer ones seems more sealed and I hope a bit tougher to resist chipping than my earlier set.

Have you bought any of the new dice? What do you think?


  1. Have you tested the new dice for luck? :0)

    1. In Bolt Action, you don't roll them, they are drawn blindly from a bag to determine who takes the next action with a unit.

    2. Then who do you blame when you lose?

      OMG! You have to take responsibility for it yourself?
      This game will never catch on...

    3. it is that rat bastard luck of the draw of the dice are either on fire or speaks binary only of ones.....glad I don't have to roll my order dice, I would get something horrible like "have tea time" instead of killing the enemy!

  2. lol at Anne ^^^

    They both look good. Starting it up myself so when I get some I'll let you know :)