Sunday, April 13, 2014

Crossover Kickstarter 3 Figures Arrived!

So, my figures arrived on Friday, took me a few days to sort them as I was doing other things with the wife doing errands and such.

Many people didn't invest because they didn't "like" the greens they saw and didn't think they was worth it. Wow, they was wrong IMO, there was a great bit of hidden gems once the figs was in my hands and VERY nice. The mold lines was almost nothing, the worst was the robots I selected for one of my henchmen hordes. They cleaned up quickly and nicely!

I tried to snap some good shots of the figures and head options, my camera is not the top of the line but I think gets the job done!

Flexi-Man went together well enough, a little filler around the join is needed but not much work,
I love figs that have this power, adds character.

I went with this head, reminded me of Shape from Squadron Supreme one of my favorite super teams and great series including the graphic novels.

I call this the Mr Fantastic like head.

Hard to see the detail on this one but a cover over the face but the mouth.

Dread the main head you see

Deathpool type mask,

Spider man like mask,

Moon Knight type head.

Ski mask head

A weird Bat-Man like head,



Full face mask,

Dr. Mantic love the crome dome!

goggles may make it into Strange Aeons, could even make a great mad scientist in the game.

The other one had a pony tail which the greens did not show.

Blue Flair with my favorite of the heads, a very petite fig compared to the others but I like that as humans are all shapes and sizes in real life.


Another head

Seraphim with the bird helm, 

Angel (X-Men) style head,

Hawkman style head

Calgon the Destroyer one head option.

I can't stop thinking about this every time I see the name..

another head

And another

The Caped Defender...this is the head we saw.

Not sure why the image shifted when I posted it here. Grrr...
I love this one as it is an alien style head almost like the Leader and Synestro had a love child.

And Cyclops after he tried a bottle of AfroSheen 

Cyber dog

Cyber Kitty!

Now we will crossover some heads from other figs!

The  Trapjaw Head from Everest

Fabio head on the Caped Defender

I went with this one! Looked too sharp to say no!

Loved this head so much I used it. Not to decide if I want him to be
Backstab - Assassin that can turn invisible or density decrease,
Bypass - Thief that can decrease density.

Bald head with mask on the Caped Defender

Another random head.

Masked face over Dredd.


  1. Great Stuff! You beat me too it! I love the photos. The greens don't show the potential well enough, I'll have to figure something out for the future. Thanks for joining the Kickstarter!

    1. Thanks! I felt slow posting these up!