Sunday, April 13, 2014

To Name a Super Villain Miniature!

So, one of my Crossover minis is giving me a small moment of I am going to toss it out to see what you guys and gals think....

There are two options for me painting and naming this figure for my collection and add them to a team.

1) Backstab - Member of the Cadre of Assassins - Able to turn invisible or decrease density to the point of being a ghost, His favorite tactic is to get behind someone unaware and strike from behind with poison blades, shock gauntlets or in the case of Density decrease phase his hand inside his targets body

2) Bypass - Member of the Coterie of Crime - Able to assume a ghost state (as above) using density decrease power to slip past defenses and able to steal things impossible for others to get to. Uses the power to stun his opponents by shocking the system by phasing his hand into their body.

So, who does he look like to you? I'll give it to Friday the 18th!


  1. He looks like the name Bypass to me. His cape makes him look more stealthy than violent.

  2. Neither one of those names really feels like a perfect fit to me, but with the cape I am inclined to agree with Anne that he feels more like a ghost than an assassin.