Sunday, April 13, 2014

Supersystem 4 Kickstarter and Miniature Discussion

I know there are a few people out there on the fence about Supersystem 4's Kickstarter and those that read this blog that may not know much about it and well worth the investment.

You can do anything with this system, it is like Champions RPG meets miniatures. Custom out your characters however you like, play in your favorite universe Marvel, DC, Indie or your own made up (I go with this concept) don't get that much free form with many systems. The mechanics are easy to learn and really you only need a handful of models unless you are a nutter like me that loves super minis!

Also, again it has some RPG mechanics mixed in and also has a solo game play option called can even play diceless! Options abound in this game.

So, I am going to show everyone a few examples from my collection to get an idea of what you can tap in your model collection to use!

This is my only painted example of Pulp City's miniatures. A great line loaded with detail.

Crossover Miniatures, this line has a variety of heads you can swap around to custom your figs.
Oh they are great to convert other companies figures also! Just see some of my Heroclix repaints!

Another example of mixing heads to create unique figs.

Superfigs has a great line and fairly inexpensive. While they was built for characters they adapt over easy to your needs.

another set...

And another...

Reaper Bones even found their way into the line,

This is from the Reaper Fantasy figure line!

Reaper Chronoscope

More Reaper Chronoscope.

Heroclix repaints, no conversion.
Formerly Human Torch and Atom Smasher

Wasp and Killer Frost repainted.


  1. It looks like a versatile game. I like the figures you've posted, nice work!