Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Crossover Miniatures Arrive!

Rusti has done it again with another round of great looking figs to join the lineup of miniatures!

Mine arrived on Tuesday and I dove right in!

Now on with some head choices! Help me decide!
The leader head?

A touch of Moon Knight?

Long Hair with mask on this brawler

Another shot

Wild hair brawler....

Druid with pulled back hair...

Long hair option...

Hooded option...

Reptile head

Human head


different goggles

pony tail with mask

Short hair female....

Mystical head with dot on forhead....


  1. Those look great as usual. I wish funds had allowed me to jump in on one of the campaigns, but my bank account conspires against me. :P

    In terms of building the figures, I'd likely hold off until you have some inspiration for a specific character, or need to fill a role. That way you don't end up regretting how you put it together when you go back to paint it later.

  2. Great roundup! It's always nice to see how others present them. Thanks for the post!