Tuesday, January 6, 2015

DeepCut Studio Mats Arrive!

Well some of them! I think the PVC one will be here tomorrow in a tube and the other is in the mail and should be here next week!

This is not by far a review but really me being a tease and looking forward to doing a full review of PVC and cloth vs the mouse pad material. Until then share my joy!

The package, yea this is holding THREE gaming mats that are 6x4!

How they were packed.

Each mat is bagged separate.

The back, nothing to scream at but stays fairly firmly on the table.

Copplestone Streets! This one was a surprise as this was my last pick for mats and oddly has turned into one of I think the favorites.

The fields mat, looks pretty good!

The wasteland mat...a nice desert mat.




More detail...

German tank rolling down the street....

Oh and one last teaser....my work table for scenery for Crucible and beyond!


  1. Those look really good to me. Hopefully they will be exactly what you need them to be.

  2. Lovely terrain plans... The mats are gorgeous.