Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Fantastic Four Fail? You make the call.

I had high hopes for this reboot until I watched it. Now all I can say is Fantastic Failure!

Serious....the promo is weak....they plug the last X-men movie and special effects to carry this movie it seems.

Plus again the movie industry goes out to change characters instead of sticking to cannon instead change Johnny Storm making him another race instead of the blonde punk kid we know and love. *sigh* Mind you I am not a racist guy, but they should have stuck to what was done and not trying to rewrite what was already good and decent. Why they do these stupid choices it just really makes me want to just give up on the intelligence of the movie industry.

I know most people are like, yea they did this to Nick Fury and did a quick race change to allow Samuel Jackson the role.....again a bad choice to change something for a quick buck or hype....

Would people be upset if say they did a Black Panther movie with a white actor? Power Fist as as someone of Asian origin instead?  Perhaps make Thor female with a French accent?

How much is going too far from what is established and works?

The prior movies were not the best, but they tried and that won my respect despite the suck factor. This already has my disdain and I frankly will no go watch this movie and encourage anyone else to not give the movie industry any profit, wait for it to go to Redbox and rent it.....serious I don't think it would be worth more than this to watch.

What do you think?


  1. 100% agreed. Rebooting again and again the same stories makes me sick. No changes in the story, just the same with different angle, new special effects, ...
    I want a story, good acting and a little of coherence. Special effects are the icing of the cake, not the cake.
    Coherence: When somebody knows things he should not or travel thousands of miles in the blink of an eye, it takes me away from the story and not feeling for the characters (whatever, if they can wormhole that guy, then, shy should I care if they die?)

  2. I'll probably get rocks thrown at me for saying this but: no matter what they did with a FF movie, it would probably stink. The Fantastic Four just aren't that interesting.

    1. *tosses a few pebbles at you to make you feel better*