Monday, January 12, 2015

Two great hopefuls for 2015!

Arnold wasn't kidding either!

Warlord just announced at the top of the year a new game Terminator Genisys that they will be helping to distribute.


No major details yet or peeks at the game that I can find but sounds exciting!

Plus what is better in life?

A Conan Kickstarter! This looks like a great game, based on the actual books written and the team seems to really want to do a good job on this and already it crushed funding and some goals already! Wow! I will be sweet talking the wife on this one!

2015 is the year of the Arnold!


  1. I'm really curious what the Terminator miniatures game will have in store for it. There are plenty of models available from various manufacturers that work for T-800s, and even a few passable Ah-nulds. If the rules allow for tying together time travel adventures into campaign play where you can play in both ever-changing timelines I'd be up for that.

    Even though I don't need another rule set (or really any models for that matter) I'll definitely be looking into this one as news develops.

  2. Awesomeness aplenty

    Maybe there will also be a resurgence of Conan the Musical on Broadway:

  3. Looking forward to see that you will do this year mate.