Saturday, March 14, 2015

Company Spotlight: Angry Mojo Games

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My plan at first was to produce a monthly report to feature a company that should garner attention from the community. Well the best laid plans of gamers and I will do a triple for March and I am not short of subject matter!

Meet Angry Mojo, they just did (and completed pretty darn close to their estimate) their Kickstarter to start up their company right here in Orlando, FL. So they are just a stone throw away where I live and want to tell anyone, give these guys your money and they will give you decent MDF scenery at great prices. With some love and attention to detail that scenery can be spiffed up into a sweet looking table of scenery to rampage on in your games.

I had the pleasure to meet these guys at Crucible IV, they were outstanding and to see their products in person outside of what I received and the ideas that they want to move towards with their company sounds very, very cool. They love to talk to their customers and hear what they have to say, that is a huge quality that I can respect.

Example of the chapel I did adding detail like snow and stained glass windows.

A steamboat they are working on that is soon to be released!

Check them out on Facebook and their webstore that goes live March 16th!!!!!!!


  1. It's always interesting to see what new guys are doing :-) , though personally I don't like the whole use-of-Facebook thing for commercial outfits.

  2. Many thanks for the kind words, Styx. Can't wait to get some WWII specific stuff up and running, my 'muricans are coming along nicely.