Monday, March 9, 2015

Crucible IV - Bolt Action Tournament Winners! Feb 27 - March 1

Shots of the winners!

Michael Henre -FUBAR Award

Jason Driver - Officer and Gentleman Award

Rufus Devane and John Brown (Team Tournament)

Platoon Winners from Saturday!
Lee Coleman ( Bronze) 
Chris Young (Silver)
Andrew Krayala (Gold)

Michael Phelps of Wargaming this weekend!
Rufus Devane!
Gold in Tank Wars
Gold in Team with John Brown
Armchair General - Total from the weekend
As well as painting awards in each category!

Andrew Krayala took the Silver in tank Wars

Group Shot

Winners Circle

Ryan Ridgeway winner of 
*not pictured Kai Devane*

Tied for 3rd in Platoon - 
Chris Young and Jason Diver

Team Tournament:
1st Place - John Brown and Rufus Devane
Honorable mentions to 2nd and 3rd:
2nd Place – Andrew Krayala and Mike Henre
3rd Place – Dan Kelly and Kai Devane

Platoon Tournament:
Gold – Andrew Krayala
Silver – Chris Young
Bronze – Lee Coleman
I Like to Play with Toy Soldiers – Ryan Ridgeway

Tank Wars:
Gold – Rufus Devane
Silver – Andrew Krayala
Bronze – TIE! Jason Driver and Chris Young
I Like to Play with Toy Soldiers – Dan Kelly

Weekend Awards:
Weekend Armchair General (Best Average from all 3 events) – Rufus Devane
Officer and Gentleman Award (Player Voted – Theme/Paint/Play) – Jason Driver

FUBAR Award (most  12’s rolled for Order tests) – Mike Henre

Painting – Single Model or Squad
Gold – Rufus Devane
Silver – Chris Young
Bronze – Dan Kelly

Painting – Large Unit – Team Weapon/Artillery
Gold – Rufus Duvane
Silver – Ben Dusenbery
Bronze – Chris Young

Painting – Gargantuan – Tank/Vehicle
Gold – Ben Dusenbery
Silver – Chris Young
Bronze – Ryan Ridgeway

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