Monday, March 9, 2015

Crucible IV - Saturday Photos - Bolt Action Event - Feb 27 - March 1

Singles Platoon Tournament shots!

This is my USMC face, you scared yet?

Vendor Selling goodies!


 Painting Awards!
Brone Small - Dan Kelly

Silver Small - Christ Young

Gold Small - Rufus Devane

Bronze - Weapon/Team - Chris Young

Silver - Team/Weapon - Ben Dusenbery

Gold - Team/Weapon - Rufus Duvane

Bronze - Tank/Vehicle - Ryan Ridgeway

Silver - Tank/Vehicle - Chris Young

Gold - Tank/Vehicle - Ben Dusenbery

Winners Circle - Congrats guys!

 Yes our hotel had live gators, they even took one out to let people touch and pet (the mouth was restrained of course for safety)

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