Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Reaper Bones Kickstarter Rewards showed!

Well, I got a small package today with my pitiful order from Reaper from their latest Kickstarter. It just contained two paint sets and the gelatinous cube with the slimes. A sad haul from the first one, but the second round was just too damm expensive on the packs that they offered and they crammed a bunch of crap into some that really made me not want to pop the cash. I wish they had gone to smaller packs like last time it would have made for some better sales from me perhaps. I was in a tight on cash, so there wasn't much room to free spend anyway. I hope they don't repeat the same methods they did in the last KS.....


  1. I didn't pledge at all on the second one. Too heavily focused on fantasy, and I didn't need paints. The only thing I would have liked were a few of the mummies, which I'll buy when they show up in my local shop.

    1. I agree, I wanted some scenery and a few figs, but a majority was Fantasy and of little interest.