Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Birthday gifts to me!

Well, good ole Mom came through for me this year again, 43 and a kid at heart she sent me birthday cash to go wild......

My wife let me buy the Black Mask gang as a LGS about 2 hours away is getting into Batman, I've had my eye o this game, while not a huge Batman fan, I do love the bad guys and now that the Arrow and Watchmen have stepped into the lineup I am more interested. The rules seem improved and the game is growing. The models are a love/hate. It was pure luck that I found these on sale at dirt cheap prices making my entry into Batman somewhat cheap.

Deadshot my favorite DC baddie. Suicide Squad was my favorite comic!

Black Mask Thugs found these boys at a nice 50% off.

Mr Freeze

Reaper Catus Joe to go with my Ape gang for Judge Dredd. A cheap figure but I always wanted him.

Side by side to some Judge Dredd

I also was suckered into a deal with the Soviet Army, My Finnish army was getting lonely!

Japanese Jeep with MG....another will appear in my army soon!

I was also tempted by a sweet deal on 4Ground furniture and opted to test drive 10 packs.

Love my mom, so the next step is to start selling more 40k and clear out my Fantasy Undead. I have a pending buy to get some Pulp City that has been on hold and is my next expenditure to get then move on with some more scenery I hope!