Sunday, July 19, 2015

Senegalese done!

Well, last week I touched up the second box of Senegalese after my first box was done shortly after release. I have 19 in total, one LMG broke which when I asked for a replacement Warlord was kind and sent a full box, that is customer service.Reminds me of the old GW days where they took care of their customers and made them feel valued. I love that....

As for a quick review....
Hates: Soft/small weapons, that is why an LMG was damaged it was bent like a U and barely attached, snapped right off. The rifles are thin so be careful with them. I am also disappointed there was no pistol option or any of the figures with enough room to cut a hand off for a pistol without holding a rifle, all the rifles are at some point molded into the body and would require some severe work to alter.

Likes: Senegalese, nuff said there! I love tough fighters and regular, cheap and useful. Lots of character and plenty of detail on the figs.

Enjoy the figs!

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