Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Super Good Cause! Please join the team!

I saw this today posted on Lead Adventure forums and it made me appreciate life for a moment. After looking into this and finding it to be a legitimate fundraising effort to fight this terrible disease I wanted to spread the word.

Tonight I am going to talk to my wife about buying one to help out the research. It sucks to see a young man have to suffer in such a terrible way. So, I ask everyone to take a moment and be a super hero for a moment and pick up a miniature to help with this effort. The figure looks amazing and I am very impressed to see Knuckleduster (one of my recommended vendors on my blog) as a supporter to this project. I have had the pleasure of talking to Forrest via email a few times finding him to be a great and caring man with customer service and now with charitable work.

Maybe a few more donations will push research a bit further to save this young man or perhaps another child in the future. 

I want to say to the parents of this brave lad that my heart is with your family on this journey. My wife's sister just passed a few years ago and suffered from a degenerative disorder with her bones and immune system. It was terrible to watch her have to take strong pain medication, the loss of both of her legs and to have bones that are so fragile that a simple fall could crack them. I have seen first hand the terrible thing that degenerative diseases can do to a person and I pray they find a cure for your son. 

Super J

The real Super Jason!

From Lead Adventure Forums (copied)
This gaming mini was made in the image of our son Jason and his best pal, Snakie.  Jason was born with a rare genetic disease called Friedreich's Ataxia.  This is a degenerative disease that attacks many areas of the body, including the brain, spinal cord and heart.  There is currently no treatment for Friedreich's Ataxia and it is a life-shortening illness, so we're trying to raise money for the Friedreich's Ataxia Research Alliance (FARA).  This organization is our only hope for a cure.

Jason has a quickly advancing case and is losing his ability to walk, see and speak clearly.  He also suffers from heart disease and skeletal problems. Since there is currently no treatment for Friedreich's Ataxia, raising money for FARA is really our only recourse.  Jason is a happy boy enjoying a great childhood and we want him in our lives as long as possible!  As many of you know that I use to run What The?! Miniatures and it was with my son's diagnosis that led me to sell it off so that I could better make him more comfortable.  Since he loves minis we though his own mini would be awesome!  We are selling Super J minis on eBay, where all proceeds will be automatically donated to FARA through MissionFish. 

Aaron Brown of Black Crab Sculpting Studio was kind enough to donate his time and skills to sculpt it and Forrest Harris of Knuckleduster Miniatures generously cast Super J for us, free of charge. We are very grateful for their help! 

The Super J mini comes unpainted and is in the 28mm range (actually 18mm in height since his just a little kid after all) on a round 20mm slot base. The one pictured here was painted by Simon of Stone Cold Lead.

For $10, with free shipping, you can get a great miniature for a great cause!

The Auction

Thank you, 
The Cottrells

Feel free to use the pics to plug the mini on your own blogs or other forums that you might think would be interested.  Every bit of exposure will help my little boy.

The guys who made it all possible!
The Friedreich's Ataxia Research Alliance: http://www.curefa.org/
Black Crab Sculpting Studio: http://www.blackcrabsculpting.com/ 
Knuckleduster Miniatures: http://www.knuckleduster.com/ 
Stone Cold Lead: http://stonecoldlead.webs.com/


  1. I just found out the first batch is out of stock. There should be another batch by the end of this week. Please keep your eyes out on the blog for round 2 of the fundraising efforts for a good cause!

  2. Thanks for posting about this, I hadn't seen it on LAF.
    I'm always impressed with how much charity and good cause support there is in the minis-hobby.

    1. Yea, I am always happy to see good works done. I work at the office here as a ambassador for FSECC fundraising here, I also try to point people to various online gaming related fundraising also. I hope to get Toys for Tots rolling again this year at my LGS. It was nice to know that three large totes of toys went to the kids last year.

      When the next batch is up, I will post up! Thanks for the note Ferret!

  3. This is just a beautiful thing to have done. And you say they are out of stock right now. Please let us know when they get another batch please as I'd like to buy one.

    1. From what I saw, maybe Thursday or Friday they should have another batch. Forrest at Knuckleduster is (from what I understand) casting them for free.