Wednesday, September 12, 2012

First Outing with Blackwater Gultch Thursday Night

Blackwater Gulch

Well, I am going to prep my gang tomorrow for the big showdown at Anthem Games tomorrow with my gang called the Misfits with an outlaw theme. My vision was a bunch of oddball types working together to make a fast buck.

Here is the Gang:

Robert Andrew (Leader and former Prospector)

Robert Andrew was once a prospector with great ambitions of striking it rich until the bank manager called in all of Robert's debt markers forcing him to have to sign over the mine and the lands around because he was unable to pay. It was just a short time later that the railroad purchased his land to expand their rail line for a tidy sum making the bank manager rich and Robert even more bitter. Taking charge of his life Robert collected the rest of  his belongings and invested in a good pistol and rifle and has determined that he is going to take back what is rightly his.

Mary Sue Ellen (Gunslinger)

Mary Sue Ellen was a just married blushing bride that had set off on an adventure with her new husband David Ellen traveling to Colorado to meet up with some of his cousins that had moved out west and had started up their own ranches making money in the cattle industry. The young couple was robbed about halfway to their destination in a twist of fate that left her husband shot to death after trying to defend his wife from the lewd advances of the bandits. Mary Sue was raped, beaten and left for dead next to the burning wagon after it was looted. Something in Mary Sue would not let her die, not yet at least. She awoke and crawled to a stream and drank some of the cold water and washed her wounds. With great effort she started to dig a grave for her husband and collected what she could salvage from the wagon and started to walk.

The first town she arrived at showed her great hospitality after she told them of her plight and even got her a job as a cook at a restaurant and managed to save up enough money to buy a horse, a few changes of clothing and a pair of pistols that she taught herself how to shoot. She then set off after the three men finding each one and killing them in brutal ways. She shot the first one in a bathtub at a hotel, the second she shot from his horse as he was leaving town and went over shooting him again in the head and crotch. The last got her into the worst trouble as she walked into the barber shop and slit the last man's throat with a straight razor.

As she fled out of town, Robert Andrew saw a lady in distress and figured the mob that was chasing her was just a bit much for one lady. Taking his rifle he evened the odds allowing Mary Sue to escape. She later circled around and confronted Robert Andrew that simply responded to her why; "Because I want you to join me...I have plans ya see to rob banks...". Mary Sue joined Robert as his second and head on down the trail.

Samuel "Ox" Guthrie (Wrassler)

Big, dumb and strong is what you would say when you describe Sam as he is known by the others. Robert found him working at a General Store loading wagons for room and board as his manager dumped Samuel after he lost a major fight a few weeks ago taking all of Samuel's earnings. Sam may not be bright, but he knew a better deal when he heard it and had no ambition to continue loading wagons for the rest of his life and agreed to join Robert's gang.
Jim Freeman (Henchman)

Jim was born in Alabama as a slave but was freed shortly after the Civil war and struck out west with the money that the gov'ment had given him to make his fortune working on the rail lines. When he got out west he found the work to be in competition and almost as bad as slavery. When he mouthed off to one of the foremen they hauled off Jim to hang him from a tree as there was plenty of "boys like him" around to do the work. Mary Sue and Robert came upon the scene and quickly dispatched the other men in a few rapid quick shots and asked  Jim to join them.

"Derby" Danny Bogs (Henchman)

Danny was the typical Irish immigrant to the United States that struck out west to find his place. He always enjoyed the pulp fiction western novels that he picked up for a nickle at the stores and fancied himself to be a gunfighter of name one day. After having enough working as a ranch hand he took his savings buying a derby hat and a six gun he set out to do just that, Robert met the brash Danny at a local saloon and he agreed to join the gang as his way to enter the outlaw world.

Pablo "Dirty" Sanchez (Henchman)

Pablo met Robert Andrew in the streets of some backwater border town after he had beaten some grifter that tried to cheat him at cards. Not taking the insult very well Pablo set the gringo on fire with a bottle of tequila  and watched him run off down the street as he shot at his feet. As the local sheriff was about to arrest Pablo in his drunken stupor, Robert was able to whisk him away and the grateful Pablo agreed to join the gang.
"Penny Pinching"  Pete Malloy (Henchman)

Pete is the newest member to join the gang and little is known about his story except that when Robert fond him he had a penny to his name and had sold his only shirt to buy a shot of whiskey and a cold bit of leftover meat, yet he had a well maintained and expensive rifle on hand. Despite the fact that Pete is wearing second hand clothing that does not fit and his red underwear top has become a trademark of shorts of perhaps the most frugal member of the gang.


  1. Cool figs and background look forward to more

    1. Well, I have a plan (a rough one) on how I am going to play in the game. So I just have to see if it works or not. We was joking last night on the forums he asked I like to eat lead and I asked him if he was a yellow bellied spineless varmit! Should be interesting. He is going to have the Whitewash paper city buildings with him.