Friday, September 28, 2012

Game 2 of Blackwater Gulch: Tong Vs Outlaws

Ryan and I had our second game of Blackwater Gulch the last night with a bit more knowledge now of the rules and fixed a few errors with our list we piled our gangs out for round 2!

I brought a strong list of kit specialists:
1) Leader with Doctor, a pair of Level 6 Colt Pistols and a Level 5 Winchester Rifle. His stats were: STR 3, QUI 6, STAR 6, INT 5, RC 6 and MC 1. He had Duck and Cover, Quick Draw, Deadeye, Hearty and Really Tough.
2) Gunslinger with a pair of Colt Pistols (Level 6), STR 2, QUI 6, STAR 3, INT 4, RC 6, MC 1. She had the skills of Duck and Cover, Run and Gun, Quick Draw and Deadeye.
3) Wrassler (Hired gun, so got another 100 point character). STR 4, QUI 6, STAR 6, INT 4, RC 1, MC 6. He had a pair of swords (level 6) and the following skills: Duelist, Charge, Run and Gun and Really Tough.
4) Henchman with 1’s and 2’s for most stats but a STA 4 and RC 6. Had a Lv 5 Winchester Repeater with Deadeye and Hearty skills.
5) Henchman with 1’s and 2’s with a QUI 4 and RC 6. Had Run and Gun and Deadeye with a Level 6 Remington Long Barrel Shotgun on a horse.
6) Henchman with 1’s and 2’s for most starts but the same QUI and RC as #5 and the same skills and a Level 5 Winchester Repeater.

Ryan had a Tong gang (didn’t get his sheet) but had about 7 in total including a Doc, Wrassler (leader), not sure if he had any other professionals (I think there was one more). He had dynamite, throwing knifes, a pick, swords and other goodies among his gang. No real ranged weapons and had a kit design for close combat.

We rolled the deployment and got trapped and cornered. We figured a straight up fight was best to still learn the rules. He won the dice off and picked the center, deploying in the town street ready to use the buildings as cover. I deployed near the edge of my corner on the line ready to deploy to how he would move.

We rolled off and I got first move and it was game on. I downed his strong guy with a pick axe with my leader firing at long range. This set the tone for the game. I moved my leader and two other rifles along the edge of town to shoot down the street and my shotgun mounted granny along with the gunslinger and wrassler (martial artist) swung around behind the buildings.

Ryan tried to rush one guy down the street using cover but was quickly shot down but the gunslinger slipping around the corner. As we got to the third turn Granny rode out and blasted her shotgun at his leader putting a wound on him. Then he promptly kicked granny’s ass right off the horse. Then we had the Bruce Lee fight fest between my Tong (hired gun) vs his Tong (gang leader) with my dual sword guy downing him. The gunslinger slipped around again and shot both his tong with sword and then the next turn his doctor hidden around the corner in another alley. His dynamite guy runs out of cover when I had two riflemen right next to one another and he promptly rolls a 3 for distance with 2 dice (d6 for throwing and another d6 for the strength skill), a roll of 6-7 would have been bad for me! BOOM! Well, I moved a rifleman around and shot him down quickly to remove another major threat. The last Tong engaged my swordsman hired gun and bailed out once the rest of the gang was down. Only granny was sucking dirt by the end of the game if I recall right.

Thoughts about the game:

Ryan had me worried with a hand to hand beast gang if he could get in quickly I was finished. My only hope was to try to keep one step ahead and go with my split gang concept. Leader + 2 henchmen with rifles supports a fire lane. The leader had a pair of pistols if anything got close. The other group would use mass firepower (gunslinger), the shotgun (moving at 8” on horseback) and the Tong hired gun (well sword) to deal with up close encounters and short range fighting.

I think if Ryan had went into the buildings and used a bit more blocking LOS scenery I would have been into trouble. A few aggressive moves made it easy for me to exploit some easy targets. He had some bad luck with the dice including the dynamite toss that could have been painful to me.

Here is a few pictures from the game courtesy of Ryan:

The town after we setup.

Towards the end of the game as my riflemen was advancing down the main street.

Mary Sue Ellen the Gunslinger catches a Tong off guard.

My hired gun (Tong swordsman) downs the Tong Gang Leader

Town shot towards the end of the game.

Another town shot.

My gang....

My Gang the Outlaws called the Misfits
(left to right) Henchmen (rifle), Henchmen (long shotgun), Hired Gun (Tong with swords), gang leader with rifle (guns under his coat), Gunslinger with two colts, Henchman (rifle)

Tong Gang
(left to right) Doc, Leader and the rest of the gang. Not sure who the last professional was.

Tong Deployment

Outlaw Deployment

Here's the plan boys!

Ryan here is some lessons for your gang leader! 


  1. Hm, maybe I misread when I created my gangs. I thought I wasn't allowed to give my henchmen skills?

    1. Yes, skills are INT based, so you can have 1 per INT Point. First game we was giving them out like candy. I will double check but henchmen can have skills also, just not professions.

    2. Under Henchmen it says they do not have 'special abilities or Attribute bonuses." I assume this means the 1 point Attribute bump for being a Doctor or the like, and the abilities like healing the wounded. Under skills it says, "When a model's Attributes reach level 4 or 6, they may be eligible to earn a new skill." The only limit is INT.

      I created my list using the official Army Builder and it said it was legal, and the henchmen had skills. In fact, you have to select skills for them to be legal.

  2. Congratulations on the win!

    I've not seen this line of figures before. Very cool.

    1. Well, the rules are Blackwater Gulch...the figures are from various model lines: Knuckleduster, Foundry, Black Scorpion, Heroclix, Old Glory and others...there are a few minis for Blackwater Gulch but not many yet...the other factions are WIP and almost done. They did a Kickstarter not long ago.

  3. What can I say, don't bring a fist to a gun fight! My list was pretty solid, but I made some BAD mistakes and at the wrong times luck was against me(Had a Wrassler in HtH with 18 dice and only rolled one 5 or 6 to hit!)The theory is sound with this gang, because HtH in this game is brutal, but it was not to be.

    1. I still think you would have ate my gang alive if you had darted into and out of buildings, it would have made me work harder to get at you.

      Also, in after thought, you should have stuck me in the middle of the town, that would force me to try to find cover for a turn or two away from you as you closed in quickly on me.