Friday, September 21, 2012

Captcha Goodbye! Nearing 100 Posts!

First, I have been running a test this past month, nothing official but I shut off Captcha for all my blogs for ease of postings. I got to thinking one day how flipping annoying Captcha is and my only thoughts is the designer should burn in hell for the annoyance.


That said, I am leaving it off until I get spam, then worst case I will change to moderator status.

In other news, I am nearing 100 posts for Dice of Legends. So, to celebrate I am working to get a few goodies as prizes. I am thinking a drawing and/or contest of some type to an Old West theme. If you know or are someone that wants to promote something Old West and would like to donate to the prize pool let me know.


  1. Captcha is indeed annoying. (without tempting fate) I have only had spam twice and it was easily deleted and not repeated. Look forward to your competition.

    1. I am excited about this competition...should be fun with what I am toying with. Already have two sponsors!

  2. I *hate* Captcha! I am a bit dyslexic, so it is beyond annoying for me, since I don't even have the advantage of typing something familiar- a string of unrelated characters just gets tangled that much worse, on top of trying to figure out what the mashed letter actually is.

    I did away with Captcha long ago, I will say that the spammers will eventually find you- I get about 20-30 spam comments everyday, mostly for perscripdrug junk, but the spam filter is really good! in over a year only 2 such comments made it onto the blog. others don't show & stay in the spam folder, just empty it. Unless they get better at evading the spam filter I'm keeping captcha & moderation off- and wish more bloggers would too.

  3. Death to Captcha! Viva'la Resistance! Death to Spammers! And Spam! Spam! Spam! Sorry, Monty Python moment!

    Serious, yea, I hate it. I am in a hurry and it never fails that I mess up what I am typing in.