Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bolt Action Analysis

Well, this is that time to reflect about my game, what I have learned and what I need to change in my list and perhaps purchase in the future.

I admit Flamethrowers are just amazing, but I am now starting to feel that my earlier impression of having two single shot flame throwers are a better deal than just a single one. Simply on the logic that they will die quickly if they done roll that 1 or 2 after they fire the flamethrower and run out of fuel. Thus they are removed from the board anyway. So, to me the two single shots are better than any hope of a single shot over multiple tuns. What sucks is that nobody makes this figure in 28mm.

Next up on my list of thoughts is taking a flame vehicle of some type. My first choice is the Flammpanzerwagen. Simply two flamethrowers and a MMG are just too good to turn down for the points. Sure it is a 7+ vehicle but it makes the points back quickly if it can remove a unit quickly. After that it becomes gravy as to what else it takes down and draws attention from my army. The Flammpanzer II is another nice options with a MMG and a split pair of flamethrowers thus allowing multi shooting and adding value to this light tank, also fairly cheap and early enough in the war to fit most timeline. The 1B is nice but expensive and the Hetzer to me isn't a bad choice but I would rather take the FlammPanzer II or III even....that 360 fire option with the turret is nice. I plan to review flame tanks in more detail later.

Snipers: not really sold on these guys yet...still going to give them a try.

Mortars: meh, again, not impressed,more of a diversion than anything.

Nebelwerfer, cheap and just looks like too much fun to not get. Going to add one to my purchase list.

MMG on a sidecar for a Motorcycle as an Armored Car choice. With the update out now the cheap and fast MMG makes me drool at the prospect of a cheap unit with firepower that can move around.

251/8 Ambulance, this is a medic on steroids, slightly more expensive but also has a better radius to protect plus allows me to put two medics out in the event the bike isn't in use.

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