Friday, February 1, 2013

Bolt Action German/US Additional Units Review

So, let’s look at each unit and see what the wait was all about:

Goliath Demolition Team (Anti-Tank Team): We have a new AT option now for German armies. On paper it is a cool unit, but when you look at the core rules, it is very unreliable because if you look at the chart it has a 1 in 3 chance of actually making the 18” to its target and going off, otherwise it is a wasted one shot item. So, one in three games it may pay off. I would have been happier with a 50/50 set of odds but still there is some silver lining to the unit. While 3 men, you get rifles and AT grenades (usually costs 2 points each), on average a vet unit costs 65 (78-65=13-6 (ATGs) =7 points for the Goliath. You still have a unit that can shoot rifles (and a SMG for 3 points more) and assault tanks thus making a good flanking unit for the value even if the Goliath fails to produce any results. If anything, it will draw fire like a bitch because people will fear it at first.

FlammPanzer B2(F): Well, let’s look at the negatives: Slow, must  make an order test to make an Advance Command and is volatile with a fixed flamethrower (hull). Now on to the good points: medium tank, no modifiers for shooting the sides, rear or top thus giving full armor value and a flamethrower that shoots 18”, inflicts 2d6 hits and hands out pen markers and causes morale checks. Throw in a medium ATG and MMG and you got a nice package, the price is hefty but IMO worth it if you get a few good hits with it and is a versatile tank. I plan to look at all four flame tanks later.

Flammpanzer 38(T) Hetzer: Negatives: weak sides, volatile and fixed weapon (hull). Perks: flamethrower (see above) and is cheaper with a MMG with a 360 arc. Compare this Regular Option of 150 vs. 255 of the B2(F) above, you can see the value, you can pretty much add in an extra squad if you are willing to trade the firepower.

Motorcycle with MG Sidecar: YES! Um, MMG Veteran Unit is 65, compare against 48 here, is a vehicle so thus not kicked down with the Fixed rule (granted does not benefit Hitler’s Buzzsaw) but does have Recce and a turn on the spot. I can see this as a VERY popular option for many lists in the future.

SD.KFZ 251/8 Ambulance: No weapons and open topped armored transport. Still, want a second medic without a high cost (a little more than double in cost of a Medic) but with a better radius due to the size? Then this is a good choice IMO as long as you have the points to spare and having the Medic option is a focus for your list.

Artillerie Schlepper VA 601(B): Just another TOW that can hold 6 men, ok….so you can add it to your collection if you want some variety in vehicles. Otherwise, nothing to write home to mom about.

A quick look at the US Veteran Infantry: Two BARS, Tough Fighters, slightly more expensive than your regular Veteran unit. Not a bad option but not anything great.

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