Friday, February 22, 2013

The British Army Book - The new Superman of Bolt Action

Well, info is leaking out about the British Army book for Bolt Action and all I can say is the picture above is fitting, very army of Supermen!

The Brits get their usual Bombardment ability and free Artillery Observer, but let's add more cool crap! As an added bonus they can pick one of the 5 options to reflect the diversity of the British Empire:
  • +1 die in shooting for every three men in the squad. (Nine rifles roll twelve dice.)
  • +1 die in cc for every three men as above.
  • Auto pass tests to assault, like Japan.
  • Before taking an order test, if enemies are within 12", take a test to remove one pin, then take the test as normal.
  • opponents can't react to a charge by firing. So you get to charge unordered units without concern.
The first one makes Hitler's Buzzsaw an utter joke. Yay, I get one bonus dice if I pay for a 20 point machine gun, best you can get is two bonus dice to a squad if you can take two LMGS. Now the British can squeeze 3 shots with 9 guys! GAH!
The second is nice if you are a SMG heavy army.
The third is again great for assault armies.
The fourth is just a great general one, reduce those pins! Yes please!
The last, so now you can charge without worry!
I would like to say as a German player: "We is das gut rules fur uz!"
It is cool they get lots of good vehicle options like the Kangaroo and apparently commando options and such (hey wait my FJ didn't get any cool rules but US Airborne and British get them?)
Wow, going to be hell for us Germans for a bit....


  1. That pic is really cool. The game shouldn't be biased against the Germans though :(

    1. I agree, there sould be some balance.

  2. I agree.. the german rules is not good.
    this game is starting to look like GWs power creap.

    1. Well, power creep happens in many games Flames of War for example, same for Warmachine/Hordes,always thew newest book has better than the prior.