Sunday, February 3, 2013

Friday Night Bolt Action at Arrmada Games

Well, Andrew was able to make it out this Friday as well as Lee to learn about the game and rules concepts before buying anything else other than his buy in Airborne army deal that he grabbed about 6 months back from the 4th of July 1/2 off sale where he grabbed almost $200 in models for under $100 as I did and Chris....

Andrew brought along his well painted British Commandos and Lee had his work in progress American Airborne (just sprayed green with some brown brushed on).  I had my FJ ready to play this time....

I went with no vehicles I wanted to get a good feel for the rules and thus pulled together a 1000 point infantry list...I don't recall everything but it was along the lines like this:
2nd Vet Lt. with Assault Rifle
3 Squads with 1 LMG, 5 ARs and 3 Rifles
1 Med. Mortar Squad
1 Artillery Observer
1 Medic
1 Pioneer Squad with 6 SMGS, 1 Flamethrower, 1 LMG
1 Sniper Team

Most was Veteran but some stuff was adjusted down to accommodate points.

We got Maximum Attrition for the game scenario. I don't recall everything Andrew had but it was a 1st Lt, several squads including several smaller groups with SMGs, a sniper, mortar and a few other things that I don't recall (damm getting old is a bitch sometimes).

I won the roll and setup, then we was off! Well, our first two turns was movement mostly and some odd shooting. It took an early lead pounding his army but about mid game I was in the hole and kept slipping further away each round. My dice was mostly to blame with a few bad choices in the game just after Andrew nailed about half my army with a good artillery strike. I think all in all I got one maybe two units while he had pulped something like 60% or more of my army.

The second game was a 750 point demo for Lee to learn the rules and get an idea about his figures. He took an Air Observer, Lt, 2-3 squads with BARs and some SMGs, a Flamethrower and Sniper (I think that was most everything). The game again was Maximum Attrition.

Again, this was a very cat and mouse game with Lee getting a good shot in with Airstrike giving me a few pin markers that just really bogged me down.  He won the game by at least two more kills than I was able to acheive.

This sent me home to reflect on why I lost and what I can and cannot control. The dice is really beyond my ability to control so I need to look further into my army choices.
Lt: Didn't really do much either game...

Medic: Forgot to use him about half the time. *sigh*

Artillery Observer: Didn't really impress me, sure it gives a few pin markers but if your opponent is quick it really leaves you few targets if you don't get it quickly and is delayed. I am starting to think Air Observers are where it is is important.

Squads: I am wondering if I should add more LMGs or reduce less LMGs, I feel they was a huge point sink and a few more ARs could fill the gap better. In any case I will not max out ARs in my squad as they are cheesy to do that and just a waste of point as you will take losses at some point, thus not making the 5 point investment not worth it.

MMG: Not that impressive to be honest.

Sniper: So far, disappointed, they are very hit or miss on their performance.

Mortars: Pure luck here and best to focus on a unit that is prone to not moving much or unable to move at all.

Flamethrowers: I love them, but also a simple kill point to give away as they are a one hit wonder. flame once, then 1/3 of the time they will disappear due to running out of fuel, the other two times they will more than likely get gunned down by another squad to avoid death by fire.

Pioneer Squads: No LMGs anymore, just SMGS Flamethrowers with some rifles, high rate of fire, assault and just ugly assault options.

Here are some shots from the game:

Game 1: British Commandso VS FJ.

Germans take the center, the British spread out.

Over the top! The British head to the FJ!

Early part of game 2 vs Lee and his Airborne.

Later in the game, Germans pushing up the center.

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