Sunday, February 3, 2013

Bolt Action Super Bowl Sunday

My friend Chris stopped by today and we had a few Very Berry Shandy Beers and I updated his Army Builder as he has never done import files manually before. Plus I put the Bolt Action files on there as well to make it easier for him to figure out his British list.

We grilled out, had some snacks and pulled out the gaming table to give him a first got at Bolt Action with his British Infantry, my FJ was back for some English blood this time.

I would like to pause to say that my friend and my wife neither like the Superbowl, the commercials if anything is the best thing and can be watched in the internet just hours later. So, like last year my wife and I had tons of nibbles and we had our own Super Bowl party without the Super Bowl. This time around it was the same but with some Bolt Action instead!

Well, we cranked out a quick list for both of us and was almost the same in some respects. My FJ had more ARs and he had a bunch of SMGs  with an extra infantry squad. Otherwise we was even on all points with unit selections and had 10 dice each.

The game went pretty smooth for my third game and the first game for Chris. We missed a few things but small stuff mostly and he seemed to enjoy the game and seemed interested in wanting to play more games in the future as it is a nice break from 40k.

We rolled for the mission and got Point Defence. I picked Attacker to avoid giving him a bonus with the prepatory bombardment. Bad mistake,  as this puts the burden on the attacker and a lack of vehicles makes this an utter bitch to win for the attacker as we build our lists before rolling for the mission, not making them for the mission.

Chris deployed some units, I killed the spotter with the sniper on one strike, added a few pin markers and the game was on. Chris lost a majority of his units just leaving the game with 4 units left on the table, I had about 6-7 left at the end and lost due to the fact I could not really get near any objective.

All in all, we had a great time and I felt much better than I did the day before. I wanted to go to a 40k tournament but I just felt like crap and just didn't want to go to an event feeling sick (may be sick or just allergies) and have a crappy time. Life is too short to deal with crap.

Here are a few shots of the game:

This was about turn 2, the Germans pushing forwad.

Right flank about mid of the game, the British flanked only to get flanked by the Lt and a FJ unit.

FJ ambushed on a flanking move and then later wiped out by the British flanking them! There was lots of flanking!

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