Monday, August 5, 2013

Review: Battle Honors French: Groupe Franc, Mech Infantry, Alpine Chaussers and French Command

Well, I took the plunge into the unknown after doing a few blind finds of images of Alpine Chaussers, Mech Infantry and Groupe Franc made by Battle Honors. It sucks that is hard to find images of something you want to buy to judge if it is worthwhile. After some searching I found out that Old Glory15s was handling Battle Honors miniatures still. I also found at the Warweb discounted miniatures at their website of $13.60 each, Old Glory15s charges $17 a pack.

I took a stab using Warweb and found them to be a likeable company. They shipped quickly and the discount also made it appealing. They appear to charge a flat rate on shipping unlike other places. My only problem I could find is that only at Old Glory15s that you could (from what I hear) request different models in the package (but I have heard for an upcharge also). I will post both links later if you wish to give them buisness. They both have  wide variety of figures but the French and Finnish are what caught my eye. I did grab a package of Gurkhas for my friend that had been wanting some and I owed him some money on going in on an Indiegogo for Die Waffenkammer still.

How are the miniatures?
The Good: Unique poses (kneeling, laying down, standing, running, etc...), Only company so far to make Groupe Franc (French Commandos prior to WW2 and later helped the Partizans), Alpine Chaussers and Mech Infantry. Good price at $13.60 each figure was just over a $1.36 each. Can't complain about that.

The Bad: Soft metal, the tip of my LMG on my Groupe Franc broke off when I was bending it back. Flash, be ready to use clippers, files and exacto knifes to clean them. Most flash is limited to specific spots  (the base, the barrels, head/helmet spots) not bad on the mold lines around the body. Some of the bases on two did not cast well, but that was not an issue as I juse glue them to bases anyway.

Groupe Franc pack has: 2 LMGs 2 pistols, 2 Rifles, 4 SMGs
Mech Infantry: 1 LMG, 9 Rifles
French Cmnd: 2 Light Mortars, 2  Loaders, 2 Officers with pistols, 1 Radio (or ammo guy) and Rifleman
Alpine Chaussers: 1 LMG 9 Rifles

Groupe Franc

Mech Infantry

French Cmnd

Alpine Chaussers

Groupe Franc LMG

Groupe Franc Loader with pistol

Groupe Franc SMG and throwing grande

Groupe Franc SMG

Groupe Franc SMG

Groupe Franc loader with SMG

Groupe Franc with pistol

Groupe Franc rifles

Mech Infantry with image of back of their cool helmets.

Mech Infantry tossing grenade

LMG and rifleman laying down

Advancing rifleman giving a hand signal.

Mech Infantry getting ammo for his rifle

Mech Infantry advancing

French Cmnd Light Mortar

French Cmnd Loader

French Cmnd  carrying mortar

French Cmnd  spotter/loader for mortar with binoculars

Officer with cane (may become my medic)

Another officer (why do all French figures point?)

Radio or Ammo carrier (he is a radio man for me)

French Cmnd  Rifleman

Alpine Chausser Rifleman

Alpine Chausser Rifleman

Alpine Chausser LMG

Alpine Chausser Loader with pistol

Alpine Chausser Rifleman (why the pic flipped I do not know!)

Alpine Chausser Rifleman

Alpine Chausser Rifleman


  1. Quite the batch of French troopers!

    1. Just need a few more thing and my French army will be ready to roll!