Thursday, August 1, 2013

Two Support Weapons done for Bolt Action!

Two support weapons down and one to go! Just have to finish my FJ PAK40 and all my current support weapons will be done. So, I introduce theNerbelwerfer and the Sig 150mm heavy artillery howitzer! The 150mm us from Die Waffenkammer and I had to add an extra man to the team to make the number correct in the game. The same for the Nerbelwerfer that is from Warlord, oddly they state one more man in the crew than the kit offers!


  1. Great looking 150mm artillery and nerbelwerfer :)

    1. I really like both of them, they are great toys and glad they are done. I hated to just set out a primered gun team on the board. Now to get the vehicles done including the TOWs!

  2. Nice job the Nerbelwerfer always brings back fond memories of Medal of Honour the game for some reason.

  3. The Nerbelwerfer is my favorite I think, while not accurate it barrages an area and scares the hell out of a player. The 150mm is just evil as it just wipes a squad out or can blow a building to hell and back with a single shot. Both kinda make the PAK40 like a whimp!