Sunday, August 4, 2013

Suncoast Skirmishers Games Day: A double Bolt Action Outing!

I hosted two Bolt Action events at this past Suncoast Skirmishers Games Day this August. My friend and I loaded up the car and zipped down to enjoy an afternoon of Bolt Action.....

The event went well, the attendance was lacking from last year that was a full house. This year the building was about half full this time around and the gaming options was a bit thinner than normal. We still managed to pull together enough players despite this and had a blast. I did have a great number of people cancel out over the past few weeks, wedding plans, jury duty (Federal), packing their house to move among other setbacks by various players. A bit of a disappointment but one can only do what you can do.

The first game was the Germans defending an airfield against a British invasion to capture a plane with experimental radio equipment. Game of course went to the British, the Germans did a great job but was spread out a bit too much and held back a bit too long to be able to keep the plane safe.

The second game saw German Armor against British Armor with Soviets in tow....again the British pulled out a win with the game ending with them pinning the hell out of the sole survivor the Tiger I!

You want pictures? Sure!

The German Side

Those British at it again!

The table...a German Airfield with a plane that must be captured by the British that contains experimental radio equipment in it .

Brits take cover....

The plane....

The barracks for the Germans...

The lines form....

FJ take cover!

Snipers and MG teams hide in the woods while an officer and his attendant hold the rear.

What there WAS a German unit there! Oh that was British Artillery!

The dead....

Sniper down!

The British ponder....

The German plots their revenge with armor!

A new face to Bolt Action! Welcome aboard!

AEC creeps out on the table....

222 exchanges fire!

Hey is that a Tiger I! Oh shit!

Werebeilwind what?

British tanks plows the walls down...

A Soviet Captured Panzer III M makes for the road...

British armor flanks along the edge...

Tiger and 222 team up!

222 advances..

Panzer III M dies to the Panzer IV G

Tiger I on the prowl!


  1. I love the look of the British armored cars! Those are always a favorite of mine. Sounds like some good games. It is reassuring to see that the presence of a big powerhouse like a Tiger tank doesn't ensure victory.

    1. Chris has been having a blast painting his Desert Corps and European armies...he really has been enjoying the Desert paint styles. He just got the decals for the tanks and is working on dirt, decals and such to finish them off.

      As for the Tiger it was a theory we talked about as the weak link in the system. It works well enough, at the end of the game it was pretty much beaten down and wasn't going to survive.