Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hobby Rundown

Well, it is the end of the month and looking into the next few months of things I want to do/get done...

1) Order some Old West MDF buildings and build some from scratch.

2) Order some extra French and German WW2 goodness, mostly just filler items like Calvary (German and French), French Resistance, some odd and end vehicles to round out my forces.

3) Order the Dropzone Commander city set to get ready for Robotech to arrive.

4) Order some Vallejio airbrush paint and some of the new Badger Miniture paint.

5) Order the Pegasus Bridge that Warlord is going to put out...ouch this is going to be EXPENSIVE!
(see my prior post)

Just ordered:
1) Some paint, the French/Allied book for Bolt Action, the P-16 French Armored car and some other goodies for a friend of mine.

2) Placed another order prior with some French stuff to bolster my army and the new German Pioneers with the new gas masks.

Working on:
1) Judge Dredd Ape Gang: Got just about everything, or at least enough for a good start. I primered and started to paint some of the figures.

Down the center there is a bunch of the Apes for my gang.

Close up of some WIP

2) Invasion of Normandy set for Bolt Action: This is my SARGE demo kit so I need to get it up and done within the next few weeks to start doing some demos. Maybe if I do enough demos I can build up credit to pay for for the Bridge set. I did manage to airbrush some green onto the Americans to get them started. I have since gone back touched up the green, added some skin tones and started to put the Field Grey on the Germans.

Americans, just have some basic green (airbrushed, then brush touch up) and some skin tones.

Germans, painting the field grey on the jackets.

3) Bolt Action: With the French and my German vehicles just slowly being painted. The Alpine Chaussers while I waiting for my paints (and to order a few more) are the only French unit I am working with as I have most of the colors for this one. There isn't anything else left German wise until the Pioneers arrive save for two medium machine gun teams.

Alpine Chaussers WIP

4) Old West: I have about 20ish figs left to finish painting, just finished 4 the other night and hope to snap some images to post up later. Each of the others are in various stages of being completed.

Teaser of the figs I am almost finished with.

A fistful of lead! Or whatever metal that is used now!

5) Supersystem 3: Started to sort a huge lot of Clix and grabbed a few other figures I wanted from the Battlezone and have since started to repaint some of them. Images up soon!

Random shot of one lot I am working on....

Head swap on Destiny with a Crossover head.

Another head swap with Magneto as he choice.

6) Learn to use my new airbrush that I got off Ebay. For $30 it isn't a half bad purchase and it is giving me some valuable experience.

Not bad, gravity fed, double action, adjustable pressure in the rear. I got extra needles and a nylon hose among other items. My only complaint was that there was a crack in the case from poor packing by the seller.

Tiger I that I was toying with....

The stripes are very light and hard to see here due to a crappy camera and lights.

Waiting on Kickstarters:
1) Word has it that the Crossover 2 miniature rewards should be in soon and will be ready to ship! Looking forward to seeing the latest from Rusti!

2) Robotech pledge manager closes next week on Tuesday due to the holiday weekend. I already pledged some extra money for a MAC II and some Armored Veritechs to go with my Showdown pledge which is an insane amount of models. They claim they claim to deploy earlier in Oct/ Nov before Xmas but I am not very hopeful. They just emailed us today and said they are pushing it BACK AGAIN to September 10th because some people can't make up their minds and others wanted to wait for another pay check o grab extra stuff. This KS was finished in MAY! You have had JUNE-JULY-AUG to SAVE UP! Instead people are being stupid and Palladium is being a dumbass and allowing this. Guess what, congrats dimwits for being unable to make up your mind you just DELAYED US MORE! Really, I am going out of town this weekend, I had my extra pledges planned out and I asked to be already charged and in the clear before we left on vacation. Pure and simple, plan your shit out.....*sigh*

3) Guardian Chronicles: This is to me the real silver lining to all the Kickstarters. This just looks like a kick ass (no pun intended) board game with tons of minis I can use in Supersystem 3 as well. The game just appears to be stellar and the pledge manager is open right now but should be closing out soonish. With luck they will make the October deployment deadline and release the expansion stuff just a bit later....


  1. Your painting table is crowded. You have no choice but to give up sleep and food to get this lot done.

    1. Painting table? That is the mobile hobby cart! Oh you have not seen the tables! They runeth over! So do the shelves!

  2. That's quite the work-in-progress collection! How are you enjoying the airbrush? I bought one recently too but haven't done much other than try it (mostly unsuccessfully) on a few things.

    1. Thanks, I like the Airbrush, I just have to get used to getting the mix right and how the needle sizes behave as well as the pressure valve to get it 100% but it helped get the green on the US troops quickly. I am excited to do more, my friend has some of the Badger paints that he is going to let me play with and I am ordering more as well as some Vallejio airbrush colors to save on mixing time....