Monday, August 12, 2013

Shoot'N'Skedaddle Cards arrived!

My cards arrived in the mail for the new and developing game Shoot'N'Skedaddle! My first steps into this game was to research and watch to see how it developed and I have found this to be a well thought out game that could perhaps be one of the top shelf Old West miniature games.

Opening my box revealed the cards:

36 Lawmen:
3 Blank
3 Objectives A-B-C
5 Campaign
5 Activate 1 or 2 miniatures (extra actions)
20 "Action" cards that you can use in the game

36 Outlaw:
Same card breakdown as Lawmen with variations on name and twists on rules.

40 Characters
5 Outlaw Cards: Thief, Bandit, Thug, Bushwacker, Bad Man
5 Lawmen Cards Judge, Texas Ranger, US Marshal, Sheriff, Deputy
3 Cowboys
2 Soiled Doves
2 Soldiers
3 Hired Guns
5 Towns Person(s)
(single cards hereafter) Shootist, The Drifter, Coolie, Trail Boss, Priest, Prize Fighter, Prospector, Pony Express Rider, Pinkerton, Mountain Man, Indian Scout, Bounty Hunter, Doc, Crazy and Business Tycoon.

72 card Weapon Deck
3 Derringer
2 Pair of Derringers
6 Heavy Sixguns
4 Pair of Sixguns
4 Pair of Heavy Sixguns
4 Carbines
2 Sabre and Heavy Sixgun
1 Cannon
1 Gatling Gun
4 Disguise
5 Knifes
2 Mares Leg (short repeater)
7 Sixguns
4 Sawed Off Shotguns
5 Shotguns
2 Buffalo Guns
5 Leaver Action Reapers
2 Muzzle Loading Rifles
2 Muzzle Loading Pistols
4 Lassos
3 Sticks of Dynamite

As you can see there is a great deal of variety and options to the game as well as an open opportunity to expand the game beyond.

I suggest that anyone that loves the Old West should give this game a try!


  1. Replies
    1. All the info is on the developer's blogspot....also on Lead Adventure Forums (may have to look for the topics to find the info).

      He just setup a PDF option for the cards so you can download and print them yourself or take them to a local printer so you don't have to eat overseas shipping from the US.

      I live in the US and ordered the set, but I opted out of the box as that just costed too much extra.