Friday, January 17, 2014

Bolt Action Gaming Jan. 5th

Well, this is long overdue to post. I got together with Lee and Chris about two weeks ago to throw some dice and hang out at the new Anthem Games store.

First, the store was amazing. Huge and plenty of space and tons of tables. They have plans for a coffee shop and they serve food. I am looking forward to hanging out there more!

Chris pulled out his British and we had a standard bash where I had to capture two of the three objectives and Chris was defending. He had his usual lot of Brits with this time the Crocodile making a cameo in the game.

Well, this game ended dismal for the Germans in a nutshell, I rolled a 1 for my air strike. Remind me not to allow Japanese exchange pilots to fly my planes. *sigh* Plus the Croc was just a pain in the ass to take on, everything I shot at it just put a pin on it or nothing including not even breaking the armor. Oh it screwed my plans up and the dice was not with me.

Here are a few shots of the game!

The table.

Open turns o the game.

222 takes a hit!

That was where the Japanese Exchange Pilot hit my 155mm heavy howitzer.

BOOM! That was where the gun was.

7 Half Track taken out! Arg! 

Roasting the Croc!

After a few pins on the Croc the flamethrower was finally able to take it out.
My moral victory after the loss.

My second game with Lee didn't go any better against his Americans a straight up kill point mission. Again, I got the suicide pilot from the Japanese exchange pilot program.
heavy  howitzer deploys

Sniper sets up

Americans Advance

ATG sets up...

Towards the end of the game, once the rift was obvious I was able to take the loss with grace.

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